High School English Teacher

  • School Size: 300
  • Type of Student: Missionary Kid, National, Expatriate
  • Certification Needed: Yes
  • Years of Experience Required: None
  • Minimum Length: Short-Term
  • Boarding: No
  • Monthly Stipend Provided: $USD 350.00
  • Monthly Support Estimate for One Person: USD $700.00

About El Camino Academy

El Camino Academy is a PK-12 Christ-centered educational community biblically equipping bilingual (Span/Eng) servant-leaders to transform their world. Located in Bogotá, Colombia, ECA was founded in 1980 by North American missionary parents desiring a U.S.-based curriculum for their children, and has expanded to serve a diverse group of business, ministry, and diplomatic families drawn to ECA’s high academic program and native English instruction. Other benefits include; • Housing subleased to missionaries in safe neighborhoods

• Basic household furnishings plus much more

• Housing within walking distance of huge modern shopping mall

• 95% scholarship for up to 3 children studying at ECA

• Very adequate Colombian health insurance

• Lunch and vans to/from school on all work days

• Scholarship opportunities for continuing education

Colombia Country Facts

  • Population

    46,736,728 (July 2015 est.)

  • Government

    Republic; Executive Branch Dominates Government Structure

  • Religions

    Roman Catholic 90%, other 10%

  • Below Poverty Line

    32.7% (2012 est.)

  • Country Summary (from the World Factbook)

    Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela). A nearly five-decade-long conflict between government forces and antigovernment insurgent groups, principally the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) heavily funded by the drug trade, escalated during the 1990s. More than 31,000 former paramilitaries had demobilized by the end of 2006 and the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia as a formal organization had ceased to function. In the wake of the paramilitary demobilization, emerging criminal groups arose, whose members include some former paramilitaries. The insurgents lack the military or popular support necessary to overthrow the government, but continue attacks against civilians. Large areas of the countryside are under guerrilla influence or are contested by security forces. In November 2012, the Colombian Government started formal peace negotiations with the FARC aimed at reaching a definitive bilateral cease-fire and incorporating demobilized FARC members into mainstream society and politics. The Colombian Government has stepped up efforts to reassert government control throughout the country, and now has a presence in every one of its administrative departments. Despite decades of internal conflict and drug related security challenges, Colombia maintains relatively strong democratic institutions characterized by peaceful, transparent elections and the protection of civil liberties.


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