Beyond Borders Lesvos Educational Project

  • Minimum Length: Short-Term
  • Monthly Support Estimate for One Person: Unknown

*All numbers are estimate

About Beyond Borders Lesvos Educational Project

Stranded on the island of Lesvos while papers are processed, asylum seekers live in a state of perpetual instability and crisis. For many families this means the continued, critical loss of education.

We respond to this need by providing safe learning spaces where refugee children and adults come to build relationships with caring teachers and engage their minds to “learn to heal” and “heal to learn.” Our programs focus on preparing children to enter school. We explore numeracy, literacy, English language, art, music, and movement, providing a space where healing and learning are sacred and championed.

We seek to provide for the overall well-being of refugee students by attending to their psychological, social, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs.

We value persons with a heart to serve refugees and experience in EFL, adult education, early childhood education, and elementary education. We seek team players with a pioneer spirit, incredible flexibility, and initiative.

Current Available Positions