• School Size: 5
  • Minimum Length: Long-Term
  • Student Boarding: Yes
  • Monthly Support Estimate for One Person: USD $3,000.00

*All numbers are estimate

About Beyond Borders Germany

Beyond Borders partners with The Justice Project, an organization based out of Germany that exists to combat sex trafficking and bring restoration to victims of forced prostitution in Germany, to see that the educational needs of those displaced through sex trafficking are given access to a relevant, holistic and transformative education. The Justice Project run a Safe House and Recovery Program for women coming out of forced prostitution. The Safe House provides a place for women to live independently in a supportive context and their Recovery Program allows women to deal with the trauma of their past, while preparing them practically for their future. The program is delivered in phases and addresses important issues such as learning to engage in healthy relationships, improving their quality of life, increasing their level of education and so on. The end goal of the program is for women to begin a new, sustainable career and transition into fully independent living