International Graduate School of Leadership

  • School Size: 250
  • Type of Student: National, Expatriate
  • Minimum Length: Long-Term
  • Monthly Support Estimate for One Person: USD $1,800.00

*All numbers are estimate

About International Graduate School of Leadership

At IGSL, we are passionate about producing Servant-Steward leaders through a process of balancing biblical, spiritual, and ministry skill development. We believe this requires a relational mentoring environment to catalyze personal transformation. Half of our students at IGSL are Filipino, and the other half come from nations all over Asia, including many creative access countries.
Our core educational values are captured in the acrostic LEADERS which reflect Jesus’ methods of training: instruction, modelling, experience, and environment.
By God’s grace and empowerment we have seen the results – leaders who increasingly exhibit Christ-like character, biblical values, and leadership skills needed to facilitate strategic spiritual multiplication movements in their contexts in Asia and around the world. We believe a growing network of like-minded leaders in key sectors of society will exert increasing spiritual and moral influence that God can use to transform nations.