School Services Communication Coordinator

  • Years of Experience Required: None
  • Boarding: No
  • Monthly Support Estimate for One Person: Unknown

About the School Services Communication Coordinator Position

The School Services Communications Coordinator will play a key role in the development and support of transformational teachers around the world in accordance with the Christian ethos of TeachBeyond, working closely with the School Services team located in TeachBeyond’s Global Centre. The post holder will bring competence, creativity, and expansion to the TeachBeyond services offered to schools.

* Collect and organize school start up information
* Develop and maintain the Consultant Board to the point it is readily used as a resource by TeachBeyond members
* Contribute to TeachBeyond publications from a School Services perspective
* Assist with video, online education, and other technology-reliant communications
* Research the web to index quality sites for various school needs
* Assist the Global Centre with data collection and analysis and communication
* Create and distribute resources for regional leaders and missionaries serving in the field

* Work with Teacher Education Services to identify needs and help create appropriate resources
* Collaborate with the Communications team on publications and global communication projects
* Attend educational services meetings and other TeachBeyond meetings upon request
* Manage School Services online forms/surveys
* Promote teacher education services and school services resources to the TeachBeyond community, demonstrating Christian spiritual concern
* Gather curriculum used by partner schools
* Create professional development workshops with the TeachBeyond Christian ethos
* Participate on different committees upon request
* Plan and organize local TeachBeyond conferences

Duties and responsibilities performed within the post holder’s capabilities that do not constitute a major change may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of the supervisor either orally or in writing.

Reports to: Global Coordinating Director of School Services
Supervision given to: volunteers
Peer group: educational services personnel, TeachBeyond communications, Global Centre Office

Relevant Experience
1. Teaching
2. Taking projects from the idea stage to effective completion
3. Management of e-learning modules
4. Web research
5. planning and executing conferences

Education and training
Bachelor’s degree

Knowledge and Skills
1. Competence in using a wide range of social media for realizing specific goals
2. Advanced IT skills
3. Creating and maintaining websites
4. Branding
5. Team Work
6. Excellent oral and written communication skills

Qualities and Aptitudes
1. Mature Christian experience, sound judgement and professional skill
2. Life philosophy that aligns with TeachBeyond policies, objective, and doctrine
3. Passion for Christ and the Gospel; active participant in a local church community
4. Motivated by TeachBeyond’s mission and vision of transformational education
5. A genuine willingness to serve others, with spiritual concern for them

Relevant Experience
1. Proficiency taking projects from an idea stage to effective completion
2. Creating and maintaining websites
3. Proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe, SharePoint, Skype, iMovie, and WordPress
4. Effective cross-cultural communication skills
5. Familiarity with branding and marketing resources

Education and Training
1. Master’s degree
2. Qualifications in relevant educational discipline
3. experienced classroom teacher
4. training in how to work effectively in a cross-cultural environment

Knowledge and Skills
1. Create project timelines and successfully meet deadlines
2. Ability to hear a need within the mission and create a resource that meets that need
3. Conduct research and publish findings
4. Knowledge of best practices and resources for teachers
5. Ability to connect and network TeachBeyond missionaries and staff

Qualities and Aptitudes:
1. Proven ability to work well with others
2. Motivated to initiate and complete projects quickly and with minimum supervision
3. Attention to detail
4. Personal integrity
5. Alignment of philosophy of life and worldview with the policies, goals and commitments of TeachBeyond

About TeachBeyond Global Centre

Located in the picturesque, historic city centre of Horsham, England (UK), the TeachBeyond Global office is home to Teacher Ed Services and the Registrar. In addition, this is one of two locations where the TeachBeyond president maintains an office. In order to serve the TeachBeyond community globally, a staff of about nine work onsite; many more work remotely, which is most common. The Global Office regularly hosts meetings, summits, and conferences. Sanctuary, the TeachBeyond guest house, provides hospitality and some overnight facilities for guests. Consider working with us to serve Christ and the TeachBeyond community and projects. We are excited about how God is using education to reach the world.

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